Facebook Design Lecture Series

Since 2013, designers throughout Facebook including myself have supported an ongoing series of lectures by notable figures in and out of the world of design.

FBDLS - Deborah Adler
FBDLS - David Hicks
FBDLS - Jan Chipchase
FBDLS 2017 Series posters
FBDLS - Aaron Draplin/Josh Higgins

These posters, produced as either silkscreen or Risograph prints were created to inform the local community of upcoming events and as a unique gift for visiting speakers which have included Michael Bierut, Aaron Draplin, Deborah Adler, Wendy McNaughton, Devon Ko, Jessica Hische, Milton Glaser, Scott Dadich, Tom Sachs, Jessica Walsh, Jessica Helfand, Maurice Cherry, Denise Jacobs, John Maeda, and many others.

Although the series has varied over the years — from experimental, conceptual, and illustrative expressions to a collection based on photographic portraits — the objective has remained to connect to the work, influence, and impact of the speaker while raising awareness and interest in the events themselves.