Facebook Global Signage System

Throughout the development of Facebook’s Building 20, designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, and afterwards, I worked closely with the Facebook facilities team, Gehry Partners, and other partners to develop and extend what has become a comprehensive signage and wayfinding system covering more than 80 offices around the globe and millions of square feet of workspace.

Outside Building 10 in Menlo Park
Wayfinding map Outside Building 10 in Menlo Park, California.
Typography System
Icon System

The signage system was designed to be a natural continuation of real-world signage and to utilize existing recognizable visual cues and language to assist recognition and comprehension. One core element of the system is the iconography that is used throughout which aims to be recognizable and clear whether used with or without accompanying labels.

Color System
Parking Sign System
Parking Sign System
Blade Signage System
Ship Happens Blade Sign
No Smoking on Roof Deck Stencil
Recycle Bin Labeling
Push and Pull Labels
Window Frosting Pattern
Clearance and Wifi Signage

Guidance and applications of this system have been documented in a regularly updated 200+ page guide that meticulously documents the breadth and depth of the overall system and illustrates how to apply it to new buildings or when retrofitting existing ones.