Facebook Pop-Up Shop

The Pop-Up Shop on the Facebook campus offers a space for companies to bring their products and services direct to thousands of employees without the usual burden of conventional pop-up experiences. We designed the space to be flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of organizations and verticals — wine makers, clothiers, jewelers, travel, sports, technology, and everything in between.

Pop-Up Shop Garage Door
The main garage door in building 15 on Facebook’s Classic campus in Menlo Park.
Pop-Up Shop Logo Variants
Color Palette
Garage Door Design
Garage Door Design Bottom Layer

I designed the identity and core illustration system that makes up the presence of the Pop-Up Shop to be flexible and accommodating of a wide variety of experiences and to work across both physical and digital surfaces.

As the campus design itself intends to behave like a real-world experience where each amenity is unique, the Pop-Up Shop also needed to be simple and scalable so it could later be adapted and applied to other locations. Since 2015, additional Pop-Up Shops have been built elsewhere on the Menlo Park campus and in Facebook’s London office, both leveraging this design system.