I Take Full Responsibility Book

I Take Full Responsibility is a book about this current moment in time in Silicon Valley. Released in two distinct editions, it is a permanent visual compendium of notable public-facing communications from technology company CEOs starting in November 2022, who, during that time, reduced their employee numbers by huge swathes.

I Take Full Responsibility book on a pile of manilla Inter-office envelopes
Overlapping spreads from the book showing a mix of text pages a visuals that reads Fire Hose
Overlapping page spreads showing artwork and text from within the book
Black and white detail photograph of a sea of expensive Aeron chairs
Detail of artwork of freehand lines and faes looking suspiciously around at each other
Overlapping page spreads showing artwork and text from within the book
Stacks of Risograph-printed over spreads set out on a metal drying rack
Detail of laser-cut pink slips being cut
Detail of custom pink slip and yellow tech CEO bingo cards
Detail of interior pages of the book with an illustration of what appears to be disappearing figures on the left and a text spread on the right
Detail photograph of sunflower yellow dots with a chaotic mis-mash of connecting lines
A black gravestone that reads I Will Not Apologize This Time with a red rose lying in front with dropped petals
Red lettering that reads Move Fast with Broken Things on a cream-colored background

The book originated from my own experience looking for patterns and understanding in these communications — and as a critical response to seeing organizational morale cruelly decimated and culture steadily turned inside-out in the name of corporate profitability. It intends to act as a litmus test and time capsule of this critical juncture.

The original limited edition sold out in less than 24 hours and has since been expanded and re-issued amidst continual job losses and further plummeting morale. Interspersed within its pages are personal photos and artwork from my ten years in tech along with an introduction that sets out its creation.

Production Details

Risograph printed in black, bright red, sunflower, and metallic gold inks on paper stocks from Neenah, Colorplan, and Lettermark, I Take Full Responsibility’s urgent message arrives enclosed within a Risograph and screen-printed closed-spine format along with laser-cut accessory prints delivered in a personalized Inter-office envelope.

Each of the 100 hand-assembled books includes 2 additional prints — a tongue firmly planted in-cheek riff on a Silicon Valley classic alongside a new, original design created exclusively for the second edition.