Kindness Mural

MPK 23 was the second new build construction project undertaken by Facebook with Gehry Partners, opening in 2016. Although the art installed throughout the building was focused on the environment to bring the outside-in, this painted mural became a thematic and cultural counterpoint.

Kindness Mural
Heather Hardison rolling out the middle of the letterform.
Letterform outlines wrapping corners.

As a message to employees, it was an overt and intentional departure from the directive messages the Analog Lab was known for at the time. The word kindness on its own left just enough room for viewers to complete the story, while being simple enough to stand on its own. For the Analog Lab, it represented a new means of creating large-scale environmental interventions.

The roughly 70 ft by 12 ft mural was painted over three days by myself and sign painter Heather Hardison. Due to the scale of the work and the architecture, we chose to lay out the design on the walls using a grid pattern to scale it up from the original drawings rather than use printed patterns or a projector.