Open Arts

A rebrand of the enigmatic Analog Research Lab and Artist in Residence programs at Facebook

In late 2019, my team at Facebook kicked off a comprehensive strategic rebranding project to bring the various sides of the Analog Research Lab and Artist in Residence programs together under a unified identity. More than a visual identity, the project was about charting a redefined strategic course for these programs amidst a company that had grown more than 10 times since the inception of these important and influential cultural institutions.

Open Arts Mission Statement
Open Arts Typography
Open Arts Color System
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Open Arts Lab A-frame
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Open Arts Baggu branded bag
Open Arts Baggu branded bag

After a thorough evaluation and selection process, we partnered with 2×4 in New York to guide and support us through the project, conducted remotely and amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic.

Together, we defined a new clarity of purpose through a re-contextualized mission, codified values, and definitions for how the program strands contribute to a greater whole. Through an approach favoring consolidation, communication, and expansion, the ways forward became clear.

My role throughout was to support and guide the project’s strategic and visual aspects: informing research and discovery, contributing to and evaluating strategy and tactics, and reviewing creative direction. We had the added challenge of aligning with a new and evolving company brand introduced just as we began this project while also finding a unique and additive position.

Open Arts was formally introduced to internal and external audiences alike in November 2020, nearly 12 months after the project began. The initial launch focused on digital surfaces first. Although physical surface needs were identified and considered, implementation was out of reach due to the pandemic and will continue well in 2021.