Company All Hands events are moments where vital aspects of the company’s mission or culture are crystalized, guiding employees towards new destinations.

“We often talk about our values — how we operate, and what we expect from everyone here. Principles are different. They’re what we stand for, what we will fight to provide for people, and what kind of community we want to build. They’re beliefs we hold deeply and that we already make real tradeoffs to pursue.”

Principles - Alternative Colorways
Colorway variations produced during the initial release of this project.

The solution to the visual design of this important message, and to encapsulate the 5 principles presented, was to turn to a conceptual approach. Here, these principles act like keystones that bear and distribute the weight in architecture. By connecting those shapes, patterns emerge. Repeating, rotating, and mirroring them became the basis for this visual representation.

The dots scatted throughout further push the form to one that also references constellations — in this case, metaphoric north stars, while also helping guide the viewer through the design.