Why Aren't We Talking About…

Although Facebook’s company culture is one where the open interrogation of ideas is commonplace, there are always topics on the periphery or concealed that deserve or need to be brought to the surface.

Why Aren't We Talking About ___?
Why Aren't We Talking About ___?
In Progress Painting
Painting in Facebook building 20. Photo by Matej Hrescak.
Why Aren't We Talking About ___?
Anthony Discenza’s original Risograph print.

Mid-2015, artist Anthony Discenza was completing his residency in the Analog Lab in Menlo Park and produced a small Risograph print with a simple prompt — “why aren’t we talking about…?” but the scale was wrong: to entice more people and reflect the positive influence it could have on encouraging difficult conversations, it needed greater presence than a tabloid-sized print.

I adapted the print into a large painted installation in Facebook’s building 20, designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry. Five years later, it continues to draw out difficult topics and pertinent questions from employees and visitors to the campus.