Risolute Press

Say hi to Rocinante the Riso!

Risograph printmaking produces rich, vibrant color prints through a high speed stencil-based printing process similar to screen printing but with the convenience of an office copier. Risograph prints stand out for their unique texture and the use of transparent inks made from environmentally friendly rice bran which allow colors to be overprinted. The process offers an easy and inexpensive method for printmaking in medium to large quantities for posters, zines, flyers, cards, buttons and more. It also happens to be an incredibly fun and experimental process to work with!

Rocinante the Risograph in the studio
Sunflower ink cylinder in the Risograph

Nickname: Rocinante
Model: EZ 391U (single cylinder)
Sheet Size: 11x17 maximum
Printable Area: 10.375x16.375
Paper Weights: 46gsm–210gsm
Halftones: Screen covered, grain touch
Image Processing: Line, photo, duo, pencil
Resolution: 300 × 600 dpi
Speed: 60–130ppm

Rocinante can print with the following colors though these may change in the future:


  • PMS Black U
  • #000000

Bright Red

  • PMS Warm Red U
  • #F15060

Light Teal

  • PMS 320U
  • #009DA5


  • PMS 116U
  • #FFB511


  • PMS 637U
  • #5EC8E5

Fluoro Orange

  • PMS 805U
  • #FF7477

Light Lime

  • PMS 387U
  • #E3ED55